Nico Chilla*

Spanish: (chi-ya), Argentinian: (chi-sha), American: (chill-uh)


Graduated from Parsons/The New School with degrees in Communication Design and philosophy. Have previously designed and developed for the L.A. Times, 908A, XXIX, and various freelance clients.


Doing a one-year fellowship with the digital news design department at The New York Times.


You can find me in these places:
homepage, email,, github, linkedin

Platform Economies Research Network (PERN) visit

Website and identity designed as a freelancer for PERN, a research collaboration based out of my university which studies the economics of digital platforms.

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus Reader visit

This project presents a single text, Wittgenstein’s Tractatus, in 4 different ways, experimenting with different forms of reading and navigation.


Book designed by typesetting content from the wikipedia page for abiogenesis, described as “the natural process by which life has arisen from non-living matter.”

Long Life / Cool White poster concept

Typographic poster for a retrospective on photographer Moyra Davey, using sticker overlays to imitate her mail artworks.

Sonnet index visit

Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, presented as a single block of unbroken text. Visitors can browse each sonnet and learn about the body of work through filtering and editing features.

Goby — Parsons thesis info

Desktop app for organizing files and ideas, which allows you to alternate between table and graph representations of the same information.

“The Secret” identity visit

Identity system and website for a hypothetical theatre company. Rather than using a logo, excerpts from play scripts are used to conceal and reveal the name (‘the secret’) on different assets.

Common Language studio website

Studio website for a design student’s personal practice predicated on exploring the intersection of architecture and musical form.

Image Magazine landing page generator visit

Customizeable template for the landing page of each issue, designed to correspond with Image’s print identity system. It has been used going on 16 issues and won a bronze award from the Society of News Design.

WNSR New School Radio visit

Landing page for my college radio station, featuring an audio visualizer and track listings for student-produced media. I also designed series graphics to display on audio platforms.

Words and Pictures

Two-sided risograph booklet comparing the qualities of expression through language versus images.

Afghan women under the Taliban visit

Custom build for an L.A. Times profile of Afghan women facing the return of the Taliban. Built in collaboration with foreign correspondent Marcus Yam and photo editor Kate Kuo.

The distress signal

Narrative told through descending levels of an isometric drawing.